Mastercard Launches Music Pass NFT to Support Artists in Web3 Era

Mastercard Launches Music Pass NFT to Support Artists in Web3 Era

Mastercard has announced the release of the limited Mastercard Music Pass NFT, which provides access to Mastercard Artist Accelerator program.

The groundbreaking initiative equips five emerging musical artists from around the world with the tools and skills to leverage Web3 technologies in their creative processes and careers.

The Mastercard Music Pass NFT is being minted on the Polygon blockchain and is free to redeem until May 8, providing music fans worldwide, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the opportunity to participate in the program. Each participating artist will undergo a unique journey through one-on-one sessions, guided by mentors, to help them learn how to use Web3 tools to create original tracks that will be redeemable as NFTs and performed live in a special showcase.

The program features Nigerian R&B/Afrobeats record producer and songwriter LeriQ, alongside Cocoa Sarai, a hip-hop artist from Brooklyn; Vietnamese American-singer Emily Vu; Manu Manzo, a Latin pop artist from Venezuela; and Young Athena, a London-based R&B soul singer and BRIT School alumna. These talented and diverse artists were chosen based on their unique stories, sounds, and inclusion-focused mindset.

Beatrice Cornacchia, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, EEMEA, expressed Mastercard’s excitement for the use of Web3 technologies in this program, saying that NFTs offer creators more flexibility and ownership of their content while generating exciting new ways for fans to engage with their art.

The Mastercard Artist Accelerator program and Mastercard Music Pass give us an opportunity to harness NFTs for both of these exciting purposes while helping to support some of the most vibrant, diverse young artists in the world today.”

The Mastercard Artist Accelerator program offers the artists exclusive access to Web3 tools, educational materials, and other experiences while being mentored by industry experts like Australian composer and producer Tushar Apte, British dancer and content creator Nifè, and Chief Experience Officer of Ledger, Ian Rogers.

Mastercard has been a long-time supporter of the music industry, connecting artists and fans. As a sponsor of the GRAMMY Awards®, Latin GRAMMY Awards®, and BRIT Awards, the company has always been at the forefront of innovation.

Last year, Mastercard even launched its first-ever album, “Priceless,” through an innovative collaboration that mentored rising artists. With its track record in music and expertise in building strong networks in the digital economy, the Mastercard Artist Accelerator program empowers emerging artists to thrive in this tech-driven era.

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