Motorola extends their product portfolio

By Brian Yatich

In a move that seeks to shift from analogue to digital platform, Motorola Solutions, the provider of communication solutions and services, has introduced two new products to diversify its presence in the kenyan market.

The products including next-generation MOTOTRBO radios and communications interoperability solution, WAVE 3000 will be available through Motorola Solutions’ Kenyan partners.

According to the US based firm who previously manufactured mobile phones and had secured it’s presence across Africa, will sell the new products in Motorola Inc. outlets.

“We offer wide range of solutions, whether you’re a small boutique hotel or a large industrial plant, we have a communication solution that fits your exact needs,” said Laurent Tribout, director of Sales Channels for Motorola Solutions Africa.

He added that Kenya is an ideal market to drive the company’s growth strategy and that the new products seeks to service various industries, including government, parastatals, police and public safety.





Next-generation MOTOTRBO radios feature longer battery life, indoor location tracking and integrated Wi-Fi, allowing all radios in a system to be reprogrammed simultaneously without taking them out of users’ hands

WAVE™ 3000 connects disparate networks such as radio, cellular and Wi-Fi to seamlessly communicate between any device.

MOTOTRBO radios update seamlessly without the need to drop off devices, and coupled with 29 hours of battery life, the new line keeps workers in the field or on the job instead of waiting for new software.

The device also adds enhanced security and reliability and is scalable from small, single-site systems to large, complex projects that demand higher capacity.
Capacity Max can be scaled from a single-site system to projects that demand up to 3,000 users per site for voice- and data-intensive deployments.

It also supports the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard for multi-vendor interoperability, including the Tier III mode of operation.


Next-generation MOTOTRBO also includes the SLR 8000 series, a high-power repeater that amplifies a signal to help extend coverage for communication networks such as Capacity Max.


The SLR 8000 is built on the same platform as the popular SLR 5000 series and allows customers to deploy systems that cover wide geographical areas.


The SLR 8000 features a flexible architecture, enabling customers to easily configure the repeater to meet their system deployment needs for extreme reliability.



WAVE Work Group Communications is a for enhanced connectivity, interoperability and collaboration broadband push-to-talk (PTT) solution that delivers real-time voice and data securely over any network, using any device.

From two-way radios to smartphones, laptops to landlines, tablets to rugged handhelds, users can use the devices they already have and the networks they already subscribe to and communicate via PTT with other teams and individuals both inside and outside of their communication system.