The football match that lasted only 85 minutes

According to the rules of football, matches are supposed to last 90 minutes plus whatever injury time is needed in order to compensate for lost time. Making a registration is an excellent idea to wager on everything that happens during those 90 minutes, or even 120 minutes in case of extra time.

However, from time to time it is possible to see matches that end earlier than usual. The reasons why this can happen include:

  • incidents between fans;
  • weather phenomena;
  • and medical emergencies.

These occurrences are not that unusual. However, what is really unusual is to see a match ended earlier due to an apparent referee mistake.


This was exactly what happened on the 12th of January 2022, in the context of the African Cup of Nations. It is possible to make a registration on 1xBet to wager on this and many other football competitions.

A confused referee

This match was part of the Group F of the aforementioned continental competition. The teams that faced each other on the field were Tunisia and Mali. The latter won 1-0 with a goal scored by Ibrahima Koné. The 1xBet app Nigeria is the best place to follow everything about African football, including the African Cup.

In general, this was an intense match where both squads battled fiercely. However, this was not the most notable occurrence of the match. During the last minutes of the match, Tunisia was attacking desperately in order to draw the score. They needed as much time as possible in order to create all the chances that they could.

However, Zambian referee Janny Sikazwe had a different idea. In the 85th minute, he made the whistle and gesture corresponding to the end of the match. Nobody understood what was going on. Some people thought that he was signaling a foul, an offside or whatever. However, he was completely sure about signaling the end of the match, with more than five minutes remaining. The 1xBet Nigeria app features the chance to wager on all such unusual occurrences.

The Tunisians were furious. All the minutes that they were losing were extremely valuable in their ambitions for finding that goal that was so desperately needed. After some talk with the captains, the referee apologized for the mistake and the match continued.

However, things didn’t end there. A few seconds before the 90 minutes mark the unthinkable happened again. Sikazwe again signaled the end of the match. He didn’t give any injury time, despite many instances when time was lost. Once again, the Tunisians were furious.

Eventually, the referee wanted to restart the match one more time, however, the Tunisians had none of it, and decided to simply go back to their dressing room.