Top 5 Best Affordable 32 Inch Smart TVs in Kenya

Top 5 Best Affordable Smart TVs in Kenya

Here are the Top 5 affordable Smart TVs in Kenya if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option for a smart Television in Kenya.

The new generation TVs have outstanding features including WIFI connectivity which enables users to stream shows and watch videos online. Most Smart TVs have preinstalled Applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Before purchasing a Smart TV, you must consider the cost, quality, and reliability of the brand. All factors put into consideration, here are the top five best affordable smart TVs in Kenya.

1. Vision Plus 32 Inch Android LED TV

Vision Plus 32″ SMART TV is a LED TV that brings HD entertainment to your home at an incredible value. It has HDMI and USB ports along with the SMART functionality which is perfect for connecting all your entertainment devices to the TV.

It also has an energy-saving feature, digital DVB2 free-to-air, and USB playback. A 32″ TV goes for ksh.23000

2. Hisense 32 Inch Smart TV

This is a full HD resolution smart LED TV with great specifications at an unbeatable price. It has USB and HMDI ports that keep you connected at all times.

The TV comes with a free remote control, a wall bracket, and a TV guard. It is also Digital DV B-T2 ready. The TV goes at Ksh.24000 in all leading stores.

3. LG 32 Inches Smart LED TV -Inbuilt Wi-Fi

You can never go wrong with an LG TV as the brand is known for delivering quality. With LG Smart LED Android TV, you will enjoy full-clarity HD images.

Through the USB connection, you can plug your entertainment and media devices to view photos, play music, and watch videos. You can also connect to Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube. The TV goes for just KSH.24000.

4. Skyworth 32 Inch Smart TV

Skyworth 32 Inch Smart TV

Skyworth is another brand that had gained a lot of popularity in the country due to the reliability of its products. The 32″ Smart LED TV has wireless connectivity whereby you can stream your favorite shows on Netflix and YouTube.

It is also Digital DV B-T2 ready. It also has USB and HMDI ports which you can use to connect with other devices. The price for this TV is Ksh.23000 in all leading stores.

5. TCL 32 Inch Smart TV

TCL 32 Inch Smart TV

TCL 32 Inch Smart TV brings you HD entertainment in the comfort of your home. With just an aerial and WIFI connectivity you will be able to watch all local channels and watch your favorite shows and videos on Netflix and YouTube.

It comes with a user-friendly remote control that you can use to operate seamlessly as well as control all the other aspects of the TV. The TV retails at just Ksh 23000.