Top 5 Best Travel Agencies in Kenya

Top 5 Best Travel Agencies in Kenya

Almost every human being was born an explorer. More people are embracing the need for travelling and vacationing in their lives as a way to unwind from their busy work life and to just have fun. Planning to travel is never an easy task whether you want to travel locally or internationally.

Here is a list of the top best travel agencies in Kenya you can use to ensure that you get only the best experience and value for your money.

  1. Bonfire Adventures

This is one of the most popular travel agencies in the country. It offers travel packages to local destinations such as Mombasa and Maasai Mara and also international destinations like Dubai, Mauritius and Seychelles among others.

They offer great services at surprisingly very affordable rates. They also have an option of Lipa Pole Pole whereby you can make partial contributions over time until you can fully pay for your dream destination. Bonfire Adventures has offices in Nairobi CBD, Ridgeways Mall and Green Mall. You can check them out on their social pages to see their great deals.

  1. Bountiful Safaris.

Bountiful Safaris is an award-winning travel agency in the country. It has exceptional services at very favourable prices. They offer local tours to places like Diani and Naivasha and international tour services to destinations like Dubai, Egypt and Israel. Their offices are in Victoria Plaza, Westlands. They also help in acquiring Visas for International travel.

  1. TK Adventures

TK Adventures is one of the fastest-growing tour agencies in the country. They offer travel packages to local destinations such as the Masai Mara, Mombasa, Samburu, road trips to places like Namanga and many others at very competitive rates. Their offices are located at Moi Avenue, Nairobi. They always post upcoming trips on their social pages which you can check out and choose your preferred destination.

  1. Keitan Safaris

This is another tour agency that has made travelling to local destinations affordable and easy. They offer travel packages to places like Samburu, Diani and day trips to Mt Kenya, Kereita Forests and Nanyuki. Their services are exceptional which makes travelling a lot more fun. Their offices are located at Nairobi CBD, Moktar Daddah St. To learn about the upcoming events and packages check out their social pages.

  1. Oribi Expeditions

Oribi Expeditions offers travel services to over 70 countries and has over 250 budget-friendly travel packages. They have an option of Lipa Pole Pole too. Their offices are located in Karen, Marula Lane and you can check out their rates on their social pages.