TOP 5 Thoughtful and Luxurious Gift Ideas This 2021!

TOP 5 Thoughtful and Luxurious Gift Ideas This 2021!

We usually celebrate a lot of occasions each year. May it be birthdays, thanksgiving, new year’s evening, anniversaries, victory parties, and so much more.

In the season of gift-giving, people tend to browse for luxurious gift ideas to express generosity. However, since we used to celebrate many events, we somehow ran out of luxury gift ideas. 

Giving luxury gifts is not just a way to express generosity but also to express how thoughtful you are. In being thoughtful, each gift to wrap must also be well-thought and unique. To make sure that each of the gifts that you are going to give is unique, you need to have a lot of options and ideas.

If you have already run out of luxury gift ideas, just continue reading because we will give you 5 options to choose from this 2021!

1. Omega watches

Among the luxury watch brands, Omega watches are one of the most stand-out! Aside from their watches being high-quality, they also offer a wide variety of watch collection lines that you can choose from. If you are looking for something to give as a gift, we suggest that you browse their Omega Seamaster collection. 

This collection has outstanding durability that even military officers will wear in times of war. Its resistant qualities are truly irresistible that the one who will receive it as a gift will surely be grateful. Most of the watches from this line are waterproof, scratch-resistant, shockproof, and even excellent in handling temperature shifts. So what are you waiting for? Grab one of the watches from this collection and wrap it for this gift-giving season!

2. Gucci wallets

If the person whom you will give the gift to is someone who likes to have a separate wallet for special occasions and events, we suggest that you give him or her a Gucci wallet. Gucci has been well-known by many celebrities because of its exquisite and durable leather wallets. So no one would be able to deny how astonishing their collection is.

Moreover, if you will be the one who will receive such a wallet from a high-end brand, you will surely feel flattered! Not to mention that Gucci wallets are a product of famous designers and are made up of the finest of raw materials as well as excellent craftsmanship. This further explains why their price is just truly luxurious

3. Louis Vuitton handbags

If the one who will receive your gift loves fashion so much and is also fond of collecting bags and handbags, a Louis Vuitton handbag will surely make her feel special. This brand has been used by all models across the fashion industry and almost all big celebrities would love to add a Louis Vuitton bag to their bag collections.

The value of the bags from this brand is also high because you can always resell it at a much higher price especially if it was then owned by a celebrity. It is also not as expensive as Dior or Chanel so it is perfect to wrap as a gift.

4. Versace dresses

A dress from Versace can be considered a lifetime investment. Due to its distinct design, it can easily be recognized by those who are deeply inclined to fashion brands. So if the one who will receive your gift loves fashion dresses so much, we recommend that you give her a dress from Versace. This is a famous fashion brand of dresses. Their iconic prints and embellishments just make them an outstanding brand at the top of all their competitors! 

5. Prada Shoes

Not but not least, a Prada shoe is also a good luxury gift! In terms of high heels, for instance, shoes from this brand are known to have the fittest and comfortable collection. That has been the reason why Prada shoes are also well-known in pageantry where women will have a comfortable time walking with their high heels. It is also of the best quality and is worth it for its pricing! A person who is obsessed with shoe collections will surely love to receive Prada shoes!

In a Nutshell

Gift-giving is a way to express thoughtfulness and generosity so giving luxurious gifts is a great idea to showcase these two values! Since we are celebrating a lot of events and occasions each year, sometimes we tend to miss out on some of the best luxurious gifts that we may offer. There were also times when we ran out of ideas. If this is the case, try browsing the Omega Seamaster collection of luxury watches, Gucci collection of wallets, Louis Vuitton collection of handbags, Versace dresses, and Prada shoes. We hope that through the 5 listings of luxury gift ideas that we have suggested, you already got the idea that you have been looking for this 2021!