Uber launches in two new African cities

Uber Mobile taxi company is spreading across the continent with its latest launch in two new locations in Abuja, Nigeria, and Mombasa, Kenya.

The on-demand transportation seeks expansion in Africa amid opposition from traditional taxis, with the recent uber attacks reported in Kenya Capital, Nairobi.

Mombasa and Abuja joins the growing list of smart African cities to offer Uber in the continent. This brings the company’s global network to 400 cities in 70 countries.

Nate Anderson, acting GM for Uber Kenya said the service will give locals and visitors in Mombasa an affordable, easy and flexible choice to move around the city safely and reliably

Uber has unique benefits to the client compared to conventional taxis. A client can start the Uber app from anywhere and wait safely for the car to arrive. That means no standing on the street to hail a cab or struggling to find the nearest bus stop late at night.

When a driver accepts a client’s request, s/he sees the driver’s first name, photo, and license plate number.  The client can also check whether other customers have had a good experience with him or her.  Conversely, the driver can also see the client’s first name and rating.

Both the driver and client can also contact each other through the app if there is any confusion around pick-up details.

Ebi Atawodi, GM for Uber Lagos said that the service is part of a broader evolution in transportation,

“it is a new and exciting platform that is changing the way we travel and shaping the future of cities across the world.” He added

Uber is a technology company that connects riders and drivers at the touch of a button. Available in 400 cities across 70 countries, the Uber platform is evolving the way the world moves.