Vodacom Tanzania adopts IoT, cloud computing

Vodacom Tanzania has  invested in Internet of Things (IoT) service in a bid to keep up with the pace of global technological innovations , alias Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solution and Cloud Computing services.

With Cloud Computing, companies can buy data storage and computing power in real time as per their needs through the Internet, hence reducing capital expenditure.

“We are seeing data growth doubling every two years and the rate of generation of data is rapidly outpacing the ability of businesses to analyse the data, hence creating an opportunity for Cloud Computing,” said Vodacom Tanzania Chief Officer–Business Enterprise Unit, Gregory Verbond.

“We believe that there are enormous opportunities from this investment and that many Tanzanians can benefit from this. In line with global technology trends we need to offer our customers value and respond to their growing needs,” he added.

With regards to the Internet of Things, experts show that in a few years to come, the IoT will consist of almost 50 billion objects. Vodacom Tanzania saw the opportunity and partnered with technology provider, CUMii International who is experienced in working in various African markets.

With the Internet of Things technology, Vodacom Tanzania is going to offer vehicle tracking and fleet management services, monitoring of retail points, security systems and other telemetry services.

Although vehicle tracking technology has been in the market for a while now, Vodacom Tanzania maintains that their solution will be coupled with great customer service and affordability and will prove to be useful to many segments of its users including individuals, corporate companies, business enterprises, government and non-governmental organisations.

“Regulators such as SUMATRA have introduced vehicle tracking for all public transport vehicles as a way of reducing road accidents,” said Verbond.

Vodacom Tanzania has called on the government to continue to provide a conducive environment that supports the growth of such new technologies as it did in enabling the development of Internet across the country.