WhatsApp Introduces Chat Lock For Enhanced Privacy & Security

WhatsApp Introduces Chat Lock For Enhanced Privacy & Security

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called Chat Lock, aimed at enhancing privacy and security within the app. This feature enables users to safeguard their most intimate conversations by adding an extra layer of protection. Starting today, Chat Lock will be rolled out globally on WhatsApp.

When a chat is locked, it is moved out of the regular inbox and placed into its own folder. Access to this folder requires the device’s password or biometric authentication, such as a fingerprint.

Additionally, the contents of locked chats are automatically hidden in notifications.

This feature proves beneficial for individuals who occasionally share their phones with family members or when someone else momentarily holds their phone while a particularly important chat is received.

How To Lock WhatsApp Chats

To lock a chat, users can tap on the name of a one-to-one or group conversation and select the lock option. To access locked chats, slowly swipe down on the inbox, enter the password or use biometric authentication.

WhatsApp stated that in the coming months, they plan to introduce more options for Chat Lock. This includes locks for companion devices and the ability to set a custom password for individual chats, allowing users to have a unique password distinct from their phone’s password.