When Marcelo Ríos intentionally hit an opponent with balls during a match

When Marcelo Ríos intentionally hit an opponent with balls during a match

Marcelo Ríos is simply an extraordinary character. He is the only Chilean and Latin American player to ever reach the number 1 position of the ATP ranking. By the way, now sports betting online is possible on 1xBet on players that are also highly ranked in these standings.


When he was an active player, people not only waited for his incredible talent. They also waited for the bizarre things that he could say or do. Those who watched a 1999 Davis Cup series between Colombia and Chile were certainly not disappointed. It is possible to make online sports betting on 1xBet on the great Davis Cup too.

A disrespectful gesture that Marcelo Ríos didn’t forget

In the first match of that Davis Cup series, a young Nicolás Massú defeated Colombian player Mauricio Hadad. Once the match ended, Hadad greeted Nicolás Massú, while the captains of the Davis Cup teams also greeted each other. If you like football, you may also want to visit 1xbet.com.zm/line/football to wager on this sport.


Patricio Cornejo was the captain of the Chilean Davis Cup team at the time. He wanted to shake hands with Hadad. However, the Colombian refused, leaving Cornejo with his arm outstretched.


It is worth noting that for Marcelo Ríos, Patricio Cornejo was a sort of paternal figure. For this reason, he felt extremely upset after what Hadad did. At 1xBet you can also wager on unusual occurrences that take place during tennis matches. The next day, Ríos would make sure that Hadad wouldn’t forget about what happened.

The bombardment begins

The day after Massú defeated Hadad, the doubles match between Chileans and Colombians was played. Punters can obtain the 1xBet app download for Android for absolutely free, and use this software to wager on doubles tennis matches too.


The four players that participated in that match were:

  • Mauricio Hadad;
  • Miguel Tobón;
  • Hermes Gamonal;
  • and of course, Marcelo Ríos himself.


Here is when the legendary Chilean tennis player let his rage free. Everytime that Ríos had the chance to hit a high ball, he did so in the strongest possible way in Hadad’s direction. Not only that, because in other moments when Ríos had Hadad in front of him, he made sure to also hit him with the ball as strongly as possible.


This was the painful revenge that the Colombian got after refusing to shake hands with Patricio Cornejo. Eventually, the Chilean team won the match and the Davis Cup series as a whole. Feel free to download the 1xBet app for Android right now, and use this software to wager on great Davis Cup series too.