Why Is The FIFA Video Game Franchise So Successful

Why Is The FIFA Video Game Franchise So Successful

Are you a FIFA gamer or a football lover who often wonders why the game is so well-liked worldwide? The causes of its incredible popularity are discussed in this article.

For a variety of factors, the EA FIFA video game is presently the most played game worldwide. Over nine million copies of FIFA 22 were sold by December 202, barely two months after its launch, and over 460 million games had already been played. 

Such sustained success invites the question, “How did the franchise get here?” Therefore, this blog charts the development of this series from its beginning as a pixelated 16-bit game. Additionally, it draws attention to the distinctive qualities that support its supremacy on a worldwide scale. FIFA 23 has come out, just as bettors get ready to wager on the World Cup Odds.

The Making of the FIFA Video Game 

Fifa was created in 1993 by EA Sports, a division of the American video game business Electronic Arts. The game received an exclusive license from the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) that same year. FIFA was created with the intention of dominating the world of football, but things didn’t start off well for EA. Due to a flaw that made scoring goals absurdly easy and only national teams were accessible in the first version of FIFA International Soccer. 


Minor system updates were made throughout the series, but the title remained subpar until a significant redesign in 2006. Consequently, the full career mode was included, and the gameplay controls received substantial improvements. Since then, the series has progressively progressed, bringing fantastic additions like FIFA online and FIFA mobile. 

Why Is FIFA Such a Global Favorite? 

For a variety of factors, the popularity has increased over time. As follows: 

Continuous Development 

Its rise is primarily due to the game’s ongoing development. For instance, players may now enjoy the game on mobile devices, while the first versions were only playable on consoles and systems. The visual improvement has also been fantastic. Although the first release was a 16-bit game, modern visuals are incredible. First off, let’s all accept that EA’s commitment to quality is to be credited for the game’s success over time. 


No gamer would be ready to forsake FIFA’s unparalleled realism, which is one of the game’s most crucial selling qualities. The gameplay closely resembles actual football, thanks to the incredible technology EA uses. The characters exhibit emotions and are conditioned to match the real-world skills of their players. 


The atmosphere similarly matches the game. El Clásicos continue to be violent events where tempers boil even during play. Realistic gaming offers the best benefits for a player’s attention. 

The world’s most popular sport is football, and by some distance at that. 

The most popular sport in the world, football, serves as the foundation for FIFA. According to statistics, there are 4 billion football enthusiasts worldwide. Over the years, this popularity has only increased, and FIFA’s expansion has coincided with the graph. There are rumors that it may surpass slot machines in popularity at online casinos. 


For instance, because of more excellent coverage of Major League Soccer (MLS) and the World Cup Soccer 2022, American consumers are now more engaged in football, which has raised the demand for FIFA. It has been proven that football will continue to dominate for as long as civilization endures. Therefore it would be surprising if EA FIFA didn’t win.

What Changes in the Game Make It Special? 

Over the years, EA has made various changes to the FIFA series, some of which have been adopted by other football video games. However, additional upgrades are available specifically for FIFA games, such as: 


The trip and street modes from earlier iterations are combined in the FIFA 2020 update to provide a platform for three-on-three, four-on-four, and five-on-five matches. 

Strafe Dribbling 

No other title offers the same kind of dribbling. With this update, competent players may dodge tacklers by luring them close and swiftly changing their direction or skill. 


EA FIFA has established a dominance that would seem challenging to overthrow, and the game keeps adding new features, such as an upcoming 2022 World Cup Mode. Several modes enable players to generate commendable profits while enjoying themselves to the fullest. The variety of games available at online casinos has increased as well. Players may choose between several alternatives whenever they want, thanks to FIFA’s existence.