AfyaRekod to demystify Mental Health in Kenya via virtual Concert

AfyaRekod to Demystify Mental Health in Kenya via virtual Concert

Digital health data platform, AfyaRekod is set to host the very first virtual concert, that is aimed to kick off a mental health and awareness campaign in Kenya.

The concert, dubbed “Battle Za Mtaa” will be held on 10th October aligns with World Mental Health Day, with the overall objective of raising awareness on mental health issues amongst the youth in Nairobi, as well as  mobilize efforts in support of mental health awareness.

“The youth are the forefront of growth in Kenya and Africa as a whole. As a company, we work with a lot of young people and their mental wellbeing is critical to us. Our goal is to ensure that they are developing intellectually, socially and commercially; to drive an important role in society. Battle Za Mtaa looks to hold mental health conversations through a virtual concert for the youth, and by the youth,”  Co-Founder and CEO of AfyaRekod John Kamara explains.

AfyaRekod is a digital health platform that solves the problem of structured capture, storage, real time, access and mobility of health data. The platform also focuses on giving the sovereign right of ownership of the data back to the patients.

The AfyaRekod platform utilizes big data and artificial intelligence to inform healthcare decisions on the overall health of a user, chronic diseases, pregnancy, and mental health to improve the wellbeing of every African.

“We have partnered up with organisations in Kibera and Githurai for the concert especially aligning with their youth programs and initiatives,” added Mr. Kamara.

The partnerships include Konnect Hub from Githurai, Carolina For Kibera and Human Needs Project from Kibera, as well as our day one partner, Telkom.


The concert will run from 7pm to 9pm virtually and will be free for all. AfyaRekod’s stated aim is to provide African countries with community health data and most importantly, patient data- which is critical in saving lives, this in return will streamline conversations on mental health in the community.


The concert comes at a critical time in the country following the recent release of the Final Report titled The Mental Health and Wellbeing Towards Happiness & National Prosperity from the Taskforce on Mental Health on July 7th, 2020.


Late last year the Mental Health in Kenya Taskforce was formed, following the orders from His Excellency; President Uhuru Kenyatta, with the primary mandate to study the status of mental health in the country, and recommend solutions to reform mental health systems.

According to the report, the extent and consequence of the stigma and discrimination found in all sectors of Kenyan society appeared to be systematic and deeply entrenched.

It is estimated that 50% of all mental disorders start by the age of 14 years. Put another way, the best place to start picking out mental illness in any society is in primary school. It is further estimated that by the age of 24 years, 75% of all mental disorders have made themselves manifest.


The virtual mental health concert is the first in Kenya with a plan to expand to all the 47 counties in Kenya. The expansion plans to  the counties will be achieved in the coming 24 months.

AfyaRekod is set to disrupt the health tech industry with a key belief that treatment happens in the hospital while healthcare happens outside the hospital.

The platform bridges the gap between the two by ensuring that health organizations manage both treatment and healthcare to support patients wherever they are.