Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version September 2022

Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version September 2022

You can now download the latest edition of GBWhatsapp APK. The App is one of the greatest WhatsApp mods available on Android devices.

Once you download the GB WhatsApp latest version on your phone, you can access cool features.

Features of GBWhatsapp

Auto Reply: GBWhatsapp’s auto-reply feature is so much useful for business accounts, resellers, entrepreneurs, and YouTubers since because of this feature, GBWhatsapp sends customers an appropriate reply automatically as per the message they’ve sent.

For that purpose, open settings and click on the auto-reply option, then add a reply as per message choice. This app will conserve your time and cover all traffic on your business smoothly by working as your own bot.

DND: As per the DND option, while you are busy on another app, GBWhatsapp won’t disturb you if you turn on the DND option. To turn it on, click on airplane mode above on the app screen.

Text Messages Broadcast: Everyone using WhatsApp already knows about WhatsApp broadcast message feature, but via using official WhatsApp, you can’t send a broadcast message to a group. So that’s the additional feature of GBWhatsapp to send a broadcast to WhatsApp groups too.

Filter Messages: By applying the Filter Messages feature, you can filter previous messages when removing that. So you can easily separate unwanted messages.

Anti-Revoke Message: Anti-revoke means seeing back the text deleted by the sender. It’s one of the most impressive features of GBWhatsapp since you can easily read messages that someone doesn’t want you to read.

Share Live Locations: Sharing live locations was not possible when the previous time this app was developed. But now it’s possible to share your live position (location) for up to 8 hours only.

Revoke Multiple Messages: You can remove multiple messages at a single time.

Hiding Blue Ticks: By using GBWhatsapp, you can hide blue ticks or the seen report from the frontman’s mobile screen without letting him know about that. You can also hide blue ticks for the selective people you want.

App nameGBWhatsapp
Last Updated07 September 2022
App version19.35
CompatibilityAndroid 4.0+
App Size47 MB
Main TaskAll Whatsapp features with Some Hidden Features.