How to apply KCB’s Niko Waks Programme

How to apply KCB's Niko Waks Programme

Niko waks programme is a KCB Foundation in Partnership with Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa works Project in Kenya are jointly implementing an innovative 5-year (2019-2024) nationwide Project that seeks to create 1.5million job opportunities for the youth in Kenya.

The project will be implemented under the Tujiajiri Programme of the KCB Foundation.

Young Africa Works is presently enlisting beneficiaries for greenhouses in Ngong, Limuru, Ruiru, Juja, Ongata Rongai and Kiserian.

The programme targets to reach applicants within the small and micro enterprises in Kenya spread across 3 economic sectors of:

  1. Agriculture (Hydroponic Farming) – Miramar International College (MIC) will train the beneficiaries to give the beneficiaries off-take contracts for their produce. In addition, MIC will source for suitable land for the construction of the greenhouses for its beneficiaries by spearheading negotiations with landowners and subsequently registering lease agreements at the Ministry of Lands for a period of 61 months.
  2. Construction – Before sending beneficiaries for training, we have made sure that there is enough demand for their labour. Arc Skills is the lead training partner for construction. Construction beneficiaries trained at Arc Skills will get construction contracts from agribusiness beneficiaries to construct the greenhouses envisaged under this project.
  3. Manufacturing – A Before our beneficiaries embark on training we have ensured that there is a market for the goods that they will manufacture. The lead partner in manufacturing, Gearbox is a leading manufacturing incubator that trains Jua-Kali artisans and graduate engineers. In this programme, beneficiaries trained in manufacturing at Gearbox will receive orders to manufacture various greenhouse parts, such as pipes, troughs, nuts, bolts and other fittings for the agribusiness beneficiaries.

How to apply KCB Niko Waks foundation

Niko Waks is inviting applications for enrolment into the Young Africa Works Programme. For application form and details on how to apply, please click below:

Recruitment is on a rolling basis and those interested are advised to fill in the respective application forms for courses they are interested in and drop them at the respective institutions listed below.

The contacts are also given in case one needs additional information/clarification:

  • Miramar International College (MIC) in Kikuyu: +254 741 361 749 / +254 705 826 144
  • GearBox at Avon Centre along Enterprise Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi: +254 780 830 483
  • Arc Skills Kenya at Gems Cambridge, Magadi Road: +254 792 543 096 / +254 710 429 601
  • FilamuJuani at Hope Center, Amboseli Road, Lavington, Nairobi: +254 786 946 382