How to buy products at affordable prices with Flexpay

About Flexpay

Flexpay is an automated, reliable and accurate lay-buy purchase platform that enables customers to afford goods and services.

Flexpay works both online and offline. For online, you have to visit their partner’s website or store to make a booking from there.

Furthermore, you can click on the GET STARTED button on their website  Flexpay and set your Flex goals. For the flex goals, you have to fill in a form of what you want to buy through Flexpay, it’s budget, how much you are willing to start with, your timeline and preferred merchant. Once they get this information, they will give you a call within a few hours to confirm your order and hence you can proceed with the payment.

Flexpay is available in every Tuskys supermarkets.

How do I reserve a product

  1. To reserve a product:
  2. visit one of the Tuskys branches
  3. Identify a product
  4. An agent registers you
  5. Deposit some amount, then you are good to continue with lipia polepole.

How do I make the subsequent payments?

  1. Go to Mpesa menu
  2. Select Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Select buy goods and services
  4. Enter the till no (695071)
  5. Enter the amount
  6. Enter the pin then send