How To Divert Calls And Messages To Another Number

How To Divert Calls And Messages To Another Number

You can easily divert incoming calls and messages to another mobile phone number in two different ways. The call diversion is a phone feature switching system which redirects a telephone call to another destination.

To divert all incoming calls, dial **21* followed by the mobile number you want calls to be diverted to followed by “#” such as **21*0722222222#.

One can check the current status of the call divert by dialling *#21#.

You can also divert incoming SMS to any local number and IDD number or even to an Email address. To use this service simply send DIV (mobile number to divert) and send it to 9010.

How to divert calls and texts to another number

  1. Open your dial pad or call icon
  2. Touch the action Overflow icon. On some phones, touch the Menu icon to see a list of commands.
  3. Choose settings or call settings.
  4. Click on call forwarding
  5. Set the forwarding number
  6. Click Enable or Ok.

How To Divert Calls Using WhatsApp

If you want to divert calls using WhatsApp then it’s possible to divert calls simply whatsApp. To divert calls using WhatsApp you need to have WhatsApp Plus in your phone.
WhatsApp plus made call diverting possible and easy in WhatsApp. If you don’t have Whatsapp Plus you can get it from GbPick.Net, simply go to Download WhatsApp Plus and then follow the given instructions.