How to get a 4G Smartphone for Kes 20 with Safaricom’s Lipa mdogo mdogo

How to get a 4G Smartphone for Kes 20 with Safaricom's Lipa mdogo mdogo

Safaricom customers who have been on the network for at least a year but do not have a 4G smartphone can signup for a brand new 4G capable device for only Kshs.20 a day.

The 4G device is a Neon Ray Pro phone can be fully owned after a payment plan which runs for 9 months, the device retails at KES. 6,580 as the total cost.

To be eligible, customers must have a clean sheet with relevant credit reference bureaus – meaning; not be blacklisted by any financial institution for loan default.

Customers can choose to pay on a daily basis, weekly basis or even make full payment, but will receive at least 3 text messages reminding them to pay.

In case a subscriber fails to make a payment as expected for four consecutive days, the phone is automatically locked, and those who fail for a week are barred from all outgoing calls and text messages.

But for those who default for a whole month, they are automatically blacklisted, restricted from any other device loan and their details forwarded to credit reference bureaus.

How to get the device

  • If you qualify on the above threshold, visit any Safaricom Shop
  • You will then make KES. 1,000 down payment and pick up a brand new Neon Ray Pro phone
  • An app on the device will be used to make the daily KES. 20 payments.
  • One can pay extra amounts when they’re in a position to.
  • There’s also a 3-day grace period for defaulted payments before the device locks only allowing access to the app for payment.
  • After the first 7 days of payment, customers will get free YouTube bundles.