How to register for Safaricom’s M-Tiba

How to register for Safaricom's M-Tiba

M-TIBA is a health financing technology platform for consumers, insurers, healthcare providers, and governments. It is a proven health system integrator that is revolutionizing the management of large-scale health schemes and supporting the drive for universal health coverage in Africa.

It enables users to manage their insurance policy or health payments on their mobile. It helps insurers, donors, and governments to distribute benefits efficiently and transparently. 

For as little as Kes. 10 M-Tiba any Kenyan is eligible to register to the M-Tiba service and can add any family member whom they can pay for as well using M-Tiba. 

Why should you join M-TIBA?

Funds stored in M-TIBA can only be used to pay for services and medication at specific healthcare facilities that are contracted by CarePay and PharmAccess to offer M-TIBA.

By joining M-TIBA you immediately gain access to an expanding pool of M-TIBA users within your catchment area and tap into a target market that has reliable healthcare financing.

This should lead to a more reliable and predictable income stream for your facility. Clients can pay from their M-TIBA directly into your healthcare facility’s M-TIBA account. Funds in your facility’s M-TIBA account can be immediately withdrawn into your M-PESA or bank account.

M-TIBA Benefits

  • Access to more paying clients with accessible funds in their M-TIBA health wallet
  • Increased revenue collection because you serve clients with the ability to pay
  • Better security by shifting from cash to digital transactions.
  • Free financial and clinical performance dashboards for decision making
  • Settlement of claims within 48 hours
  • Access to unsecured loan products through M-TIBA “Cash Advance”
  • Quality assessment and quality improvement plan
  • Easy application through your phone, with minimal processing time.
  • Easy repayment through automatic deductions from your Lipa na M-Pesa and/or M-TIBA transactions.
  • Competitive interest, (on a reducing balance) per month.
  • The equipment is collateral.
  • Flexible loan tenure up to 36 months.

How to register on M-TIBA

There are multiple ways to register on M-TIBA:

  • Simply dial *253#
  • visit an M-TIBA agent
  • At any of the facilities that carry the M-TIBA logo
  • By calling M-TIBA Toll Free line 0800 721253.

How to check your M-Tiba balance;

From your mobile phone, dial *253# and enter your M-Tiba PIN or just press “1” if you have forgotten your PIN then select option 2 “My MTIBA”, available products will be displayed along with available balances.