How to get connected to Safaricom Home Fiber & Packages

How to Get connected to Safaricom Home Fiber & Packages

Safaricom Home Fibre is a service that gives you an opportunity to have fast, reliable and unlimited internet access from the comfort of your home.

To get connected to Safaricom Home Fiber, simply dial *400# and select “Get Safaricom Home Fibre” and follow the steps. If you are in a fiber covered area, you will get a call back from Safaricom within 24 hours

Safaricom will create an account for you and you will be advised to make payment to your account.  Your connection will be set up within 48 hours after payment.

As part of the installation process, they will provide you with a Wi-Fi router that will enable you to access the Wi-Fi network within your home.

They will set up the Wi-Fi network and configure your username and password which you require to access the Service.

Below are the pricing and packages for Safaricom Home Fiber.

Safaricom Home Fibre Packages


PackageSpeedMonthly CostValidity Period
Bronze5mbps2,900/-30 Days
Silver10mbps3,999/-30 Days
Gold20mbps5,699/-30 Days
Platinum40mbps11,499/-30 Days

Here’s how to Change Your Safaricom Home Fibre SSID and Password