How to get M-Pesa statement

How to get M-Pesa statement

M-Pesa statements is a list of all transactions from your M-Pesa account over a set period of time, usually monthly.

The M-Pesa statement includes deposits, charges, withdrawals, as well as the beginning and ending balance for the period.

How you can receive M-PESA Statements

You can now receive Monthly M-pesa statement easily on email by simply dialling the USSD code *234# from your mobile phone.


  1. Dial *234#
  2. Select ‘My M-PESA Information’,
  3. Click on M-PESA Statement
  4. Select ‘Full Statement’ then register with your National ID or document of registration number
  5. Confirm your email.

You will then get a message confirming that you have registered for the service. Your M-PESA statement will then be sent to you via email by the 5th of every month.