How To Get Your Business Over 1,000 Instagram Followers by Next Month

How To Get Your Business Over 1,000 Instagram Followers by Next Month

Instagram is an emerging platform where one can express their views or grow business. However, as you know, increasing followers on Instagram is a tough job and hugely depends on your reach.

For this, you have to work hard to develop organic followers, and no doubt, it can be tricky as you have to post great content, schedule your posts in advance, and also come up with an excellent strategy. You can also boost up the process by buying Instagram followers from reputable sources. But why is it important to promote your business on Instagram?

Instagram has billions of users worldwide, making it the best platform to create a buzz. It is not just for personal use; it’s getting updated with more business-specific features. Apart from this, if your target audience is a group that responds well to visuals, for instance, beauty and makeup, travel, cooking, and fitness, then you can’t overlook the importance of Instagram.

The beauty of using Instagram is that this platform isn’t reserved for types of brands. So, no matter what business you want to run, there’s an audience waiting for you.

Having said that, it requires some skills to stand out from the crowd and build a brand that has something unique to offer. Here are some strategies to help your business get 1000 IG real followers fast.


  1. Optimize your Instagram Profile

Crafting your profile is equally important as everything else. You can follow these best practices to craft your profile:

  • Profile Picture – The best practice is to use your brand logo as your profile photo so that people can easily find your brand.
  • Username – The same thing goes with the username. This also should be your business name.
  • Account Name – Keep your company name as your account name to increase the chances of people finding you easily.
  • Bio – Often neglected, you can really capture the attention of your audience through your Instagram bio. You can describe your business here or write your tagline.


  1. Don’t forget to hashtag

Brands can get discovered using hashtags. Knowing how to use hashtags efficiently will help you drive more engagement to your account. It’s always wise to search and see what your competitors are using and whether it’s working for them. You can also see what hashtags your favorite accounts are using. The best hashtags are your product name, related industry, expertise, name of the event, or community. Using hashtags will ensure more people will discover your posts which eventually increases the follower count.


  1. Engage with Influencers

Another effective way to raise your following count on Instagram is engaging with influencers of your respective industry who already has a great following. Having an Influencer to promote your brand on Instagram can give it more credibility.


You can connect to influencers in many ways. Either you can tag them in your posts or contact them directly. Another technique is not entirely free but very effective. You can offer them a sample of your product or services, and this way, you’ll be offering value instead of just asking a favor.


  1. Reply to the comments

Though it’s not possible to reply to all of the comments for those of you having thousands of followers, if you’re someone who gets a decent number of comments on their post for, say, 60 to 70, then it’s recommended to reply to all those comments. Not the trolls, of course. Even a simple “thank you”, or a short reply can work wonders for you. Engaging with your audience helps them connect with you and your brand and is key to success on Instagram. If you still can’t get enough time to reply to those comments, like them to let your followers know you value their opinion.


  1. Always create high-quality content

Many people are still unaware that high-quality content is crucial to stay relevant on Instagram. A few years back, it was relatively easy to grow on Instagram by posting any random pictures or content. Still, now Instagram algorithms have become strict, and you have to rethink your content strategy and come up with high-quality photographs and posts to stay relevant on Instagram. Users are interested in brands that offer relevant content, and you can easily attract such users by posting consistently.


  1. Write engaging captions

Captions are like cherry on the cake. Posting engaging captions can humanize your brand, win over followers, and make your content more shareable — eventually giving you more exposure. You can write captions keeping in mind your target audience. For instance, if you’re promoting a fashion brand, you can use clever or witty captions or even audience-appropriate jokes. Lastly, don’t forget to include a suitable call to action in your caption.


  1. Organize Instagram contests or giveaways

Another interesting way to expand your reach is by organizing a contest or giveaway. You can ask users to comment on your post or follow your account to get eligible to win. However, make sure you announce the winner at the specified time to give your followers a sense of faith.


  1. Use apps instead of filters to improve your images

Gorgeous pictures are the key to success on Instagram. No hashtags, captions, or geotagging can save your brand if your images are not up to the mark. But do you know what’s worse than a bad picture? A worse filter to cover that bad picture. It’s a waste to salvage bad photos or ruin good photos with bad filters.


Most of your pictures should go through at least one editing app before you post them on Instagram. You can download such apps that give a nice touch to your pictures, keeping everything natural. Also, it’s always best to retouch your pictures manually.


  1. Buy followers on Instagram

If you don’t have enough time to try the above tips, there’s a smarter way – you can buy Instagram followers. Buying followers is often seen in a bad light, but it can do wonders for your brand if done the right way. But make sure you buy real Instagram followers from a trusted source.

Wrapping Up

Building a significant following on Instagram can be challenging, especially if you’re new. But with these trips, you can get your small business over 1,000 Instagram followers by next month itself. You can also buy Instagram followers to get an instant boost and establish your authority among the users.