How to open Docx File

How to open Docx File

A DOCX file is a Microsoft Word document that typically contains text. DOCX is the newer version of DOC, the original official Microsoft Word file format.

They are both opened using Microsoft Word, though alternate software programs open them as well.

One can Select the DOCX file on your device and choose to open it in the Word app.

If you don’t have the Word app, you can open and edit DOCX files in Google Docs on your smartphone by first uploading them to your drive by selecting the plus (+) sign > Upload.

To Open DOCX

  • Disable the protected view settings¬†it can also resolve and open corrupt word DOC and DOCX files.
  • To fix the issue where the Word file would not open.
  • Open the Microsoft Word application on your system.
  • Click on ‘Options’ in the ‘File’ menu.
  • Choose ‘Trust Center’ and then select ‘Trust Center Settings.

Apps to Open DOCX

  • Using Microsoft Word for Android to Open Doc/Docx Files
  • Grab the Microsoft Word app on the Play Store.
  • ¬†Once the app finishes the installation process, tap the ‘. doc’ or ‘. docx’ file on your phone
  • Select Word from the list of apps available.