How to partition your Hard Drive

how to partition your drive

Disk partitioning is a process of dividing a hard drive into several partitions this includes shrinking, extending, deleting, creating partitions and change partition size, label, even location.

You can partition your disk drive encrypt to add a new volume/space or maybe you want do dual-boot Linux alongside Windows.

The disk available on windows are usually labeled C:, D: or E:

How to Partition hard drive with Disk Management

Here’s how to divide it into multiple partitions for other uses.

  1. Open Disk Management by right-click on PC/My Computer > Click “Manage” > Enter Device Manager and click “Disk Management”.
  2. Click Partition hard drive

Create partition:

  • Right-click on the unallocated space, select “New Simple Volume”.
  • Click “Next” to continue, set the new partition size, drive letter, file system, click “Finish”.
    Wait for the formatting to complete.

Shrink partition:

  • Right-click on the partition that you want to shrink and select “Shrink Volume”
  • Adjust the partition size and “Shrink” to confirm.

Extend partition:

  • Shrink partition next to the target partition that you want to extend in advance.
  • Right-click on the target partition and select “Extend Volume”.
  • Click “Next” to continue, add the unallocated space to extend the target partition. Click “Next” and “Finish” to complete.

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