Huawei Launches Eco Series Antennas For Green 5G Networks

Huawei has launched the Eco series antennas that reduce site power consumption, improve network energy efficiency, and save OPEX.

These ultra-energy-efficient antennas reduce carbon emissions while benefiting the environment and society.

Eco series antennas help operators build green, high-performance 5G networks without needing more energy, even during surges in network traffic.

Higher network energy efficiency is the new norm, and is critical to both operator revenue and sustainable development of the communications industry. Antennas play a pivotal role in wireless networks as the medium of RF energy transmission to mobile devices.

Therefore, the better the energy efficiency of the antenna, the better the efficiency across the whole network. Huawei Eco series antennas boost energy efficiency with innovations such as full-band signal direct injection feeding (SDIF) and Meta Lens. As tested on a Europe network, Huawei antennas help operators reduce site energy consumption by 15%, improving network-wide energy efficiency.

Eric Zhao, President of Huawei Antenna BU, said that for operators, building green networks to save energy and reduce carbon emissions is a global priority.

“As antennas play a dominant role in wireless networks, operators demand even higher antenna energy efficiency. Huawei will continue to innovate in this area, helping operators build high-performance, green 5G networks and promoting the industry’s sustainable development.”