Keeping PDF Files for a Long Time? Make a PDF/A Version!

Keeping PDF Files for a Long Time Make a PDF A Version

With the fast-moving technology of today, we can anticipate that it would advance more in the future. Everything changes constantly, and it might affect your precious files or, worse, gone.

That would be very frustrating! Imagine how you made considerable efforts for those files and not being able to preserve them. Who wouldn’t want to maintain them?

PDF or portable document format is a file format commonly used by many at present. What makes it a significant advantage is that it is accessible and keeps your files safe and formatted. One of the best ways to preserve them is by converting them to PDF/A.

It is essential to have your PDF stored as-is if you’d like to access them a few years later. Today, we’ll provide you the best way to keep them secured by using GogoPDF’s PDF to PDFA converter.

PDF/A or Portable Document Format Archivable

PDF/A is another type of PDF that preserves your files for a long time. It is best to use in archiving files for better access even after years of not opening them. What’s good about it is that you can have the files the way you saved them with the same format. You can do it right now by simply typing PDf to PDF/A to your browser.

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You may use other types of PDF/A for conversion. Below are the most common among different classes.

  1. PDF/A-1b – While there may be issues with the text’s legibility, your PDF will be shown and read on your computer.
  2. PDF/A-2b – The file’s elements are permanently fixed.
  3.  PDF/A-2u – Searching and copying of text are guaranteed. 

Use GogoPDF to convert your PDF to PDF/A

When you search for something on the web, a lot of information will flood your screen. It’s the same when you search for an online converter. Of course, you will always opt for one that can do the task safely and quickly. With GogoPDF, you don’t need to look further for a reliable converter. It does its job in no time, and you can rest assured of the best and secured results.

How does it work?

GogoPDF eliminates undesirable features from your PDF document while converting to be appropriate for long-term archiving. One example is that the converter will block font linking and encryption. You can expect high quality since GogoPDF uses ISO standardized versions. When you see your file in the future, you’ll be amazed at the outcome as it stays the same from years back!


The best part? It’s user-friendly and very convenient to use. That means everybody can use it, tech-savvy or not. By simply following the procedure on the site, you can do it perfectly.

How can you use the GogoPDF converter?

  1. Go to the GogoPDF website.
  2. Choose the PDF that you want to convert and upload it on the converter.
  3. Wait, as it will start processing your file in a few moments.
  4. Set your preferred PDF/A type, but you can always follow the suggested one to convert your file.
  5. GogoPDf will generate a link so you can download it after a few.
  6. You may now download and save your file to your archives.
  7. Let your friends know about this fantastic tool.

Is the process fast?

While the conversion will only take a short amount of your time, I assure you it will be worth it. This application is well-known for converting files quickly while maintaining the integrity of the original file. To recap, you can upload a PDF file to GogoPDF, and after that, you will get a new PDF/A file.

Is there any software I need to install?

You don’t have to install anything to use GogoPDF since it’s a web-based service. Any device or web browser is fine if you want to access it, regardless of your operating system and web browser. Just keep one thing available and stable,  your internet connection. The conversion happens in the cloud securely and rapidly. Consider this, and you may ensure that you can always convert your PDF to PDF/A everywhere you are!

Can I trust the security of my files?

The users’ trust in the conversion tool enables this website to keep its position among the top web destinations. So if you’re concerned about the privacy and security of your files, you should just stop worrying. You must have complete trust in the security of your files while they are being converted. The document you posted to GogoPDF is gone after an hour.


Continuing to march towards the future means that our technology also advances. Unfortunately, you cannot ensure it will protect your PDF files. If you want to preserve the original file, convert it to PDF/A to save it even for an extended period. Using this method, you will maintain your files in the same condition in which you left them in your archive. Start converting your PDF with GogoPDF today!