Lipalater, Carrefour partner to launch LipaVismart

Lipalater, Carrefour partner to launch LipaVismart

Credit service provider, Lipalater has collaborated with Carrefour to launch the LipaVismart product available to all Carrefour customers.

This collaboration provides an instalment or monthly payment plan for all Carrefour items, including electronics, gadgets, appliances, furniture, perishables, and consumer items.

Carrefour customers can use LipaVismart to buy items and pay for them in monthly instalments. LipaVismart will be available in all Carrefour stores across the country, and it will soon be available in Carrefour stores in Uganda.

The credit limit with LipaVismart at Carrefour will be Ksh. 500,000 for a basket size of Ksh. When a customer signs up online or in-store, they will receive an instant approval with their available credit limit, which they can use at any Carrefour location. The customer has up to 30 days to make their first payment but can take the item home right away.

According to Eric Muli, the CEO of Lipa Later, LipaVismart has the best interest rates in town, at 2.3 per cent per month with no other fees.

“Customers can choose between three, six, nine, or twelve months to make their affordable monthly repayments for the items they have purchased,” he said.

“We are very excited to partner with Lipa Later to roll out LipaVismart in all our outlets in Kenya and very soon across the region,” said Franck Moreau, Country Manager- Carrefour East Africa.

“The collaboration will enable our customers to obtain the products they require from all of our locations, allowing them to improve their lives while paying in monthly instalments over some time.”

LipaVismart, powered by Lipa Later, is available to both employed and self-employed Carrefour customers.