M-KOPA unveils solar powered digital TV

Solar solutions company M-KOPA has introduced solar-powered digital TV to its basket of solar products.


The launch in partnership with Safaricom targets customers in rural areas and not connected to the national grid.


“Owning a TV is life-changing for our off-grid customers. Many of them have traditionally had to pay to watch in a café or bar, or missed out on news and current events because they could not afford to be connected to information.


“We are now going beyond the grid to offer TV to homes all over Kenya. It’s great for the family to be able to watch together in the comfort and safety of their home,” commented, ”Jesse Moore, CEO at M-KOPA.


The firm has already started upgrading its best performing customers and expects to make M-KOPA + TV available to tens of thousands before the end of the year.


The upgrade facility will target customers with good credit standing with M-KOPA upon the receipt of phone call or SMS.


The 2-year payment plan  will see customers own the television and solar power system outright and can enjoy viewing without any ongoing bills.


The device will be available in selected service centers and will include 20W PV panel, a 16” digital TV, two lights, a torch, a phone charger, and a radio and is available for a deposit plus a year of daily payments of Sh 125.


M-KOPA further targets to connect 1 million homes to its solar systems by the end of 2017.


The firm has been in partnership with Safaricom since 2010 on technology development and distribution in Kenya.


And solar home systems, with TV, will be available in Safaricom retail outlets beginning June this year.