Mobisol Solar to light Kenyan homes

Mobisol Group has announced plans to provide solar power to low-income households in Kenya.

The Germany based firm has operations in Tanzania and Rwanda is set to offer solar solutions to work on a rent-to-own model allowing low income households to make flexible daily payments.

The renewable energy is hoped targets to save up to over 60 percent of their daily spend.

It will also allow households to use the power electronics likeTVs, computers, refrigerator and other electric appliances in the household.

the firm has connected 40,000 households in Rwanda and Tanzania.

Mobisol’s solar solutions and its payment model is likely to bring competition to the door-steps of Safaricom-affiliated M-Kopa Solar which also allows clients to make daily payments for the units.

With the launch in Kenya, the company targets to connecting 200,000 householdsr in East Africa. It has so far installed over 27,000 solar home systems in East Africa.

The company combines solar energy with an affordable payment plan via mobile phone, comprehensive customer service and innovative remote monitoring technology.