StarTimes Kenya: Price, Packages & Channels 2022

StarTimes Kenya - Price, Packages & Channels 2022

StarTimes Kenya offers both antenna and dish pay-TV packages including Nova, Nyota, Basic, Classic, Super, and Chinese bouquet.  

If you are using a satellite dish with a satellite decoder to receive Startimes TV channels, then you are using the DHT technology.

Nyota Bouquet

This is the cheapest antenna package by StarTimes and the most affordable option in the country. The monthly rate for the package is Ksh 299.

With this package, you can access over 37 channels, including all local stations, sports channels like ST Sports Focus, and kids channels like Jim Jam.

Basic Bouquet

This is the second cheapest package. It has 60 Tv Channels, including the likes of BBC, Nickelodeon, and Nat Geo Wild.

To access all these stations, all you need to do is pay Ksh 599 per month. You also have the option to pay a daily rate of Ksh 60 or a weekly rate of Ksh 220.

Classic Bouquet

The Classic Bouquet is the most expensive option under the satellite StarTimes packages Kenya. You can access over 80 channels on this package, including 5 sports channels, top news channels like BBC and CNC world, and a few kids and discovery channels.

The classic bouquet will cost you Ksh 899 per month. You can also pay a daily rate of Ksh 85 or a weekly rate of Ksh 340.

Nova Bouquet

This package has over 29 tv channels, including local and international channels. The Nova package will cost you Ksh 499 per month.

Smart Bouquet

The Smart bouquet has over 32 Tv channels, including Jim Jam, Nickelodeon, World Football HD, Fashion One, and BBC World.

The rate for the Smart Bouquet is Ksh 899 a month.

Super Bouquet

The Super Bouquet offers premium and world-class channels like Bloomberg, MTV Base, National Geographic, and Baby TV. In total, this package delivers 16 premium channels.

The Super Bouquet is available for Ksh 1,499 per month.

Chinese Bouquet

This StarTimes bouquet targets people who want to stay updated on the happenings in China. The package comes with 24 channels, including CCTV 4, 5, 6, 9, & 13, China Movies Channel, CCTV, and Phoenix Info.

The Chinese Bouquet costs Ksh 1,999.

Your choice of bouquet will depend on how much you are willing to spend and what you are looking for. Sports fans prefer the Smart and Super bouquets for the sports channels.