Syniverse, China Telecom Global launch connectivity services in Africa

China Telecom Global (CTG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom Corporation Limited and Syniverse, a business service provider have reaffirmed their strategic partnership and pre-launched a new suite of connectivity solutions to provide services for mobile operators in Africa for quickly and cost-effectively migrating to 4G and other advanced voice, data, and video services.

The solutions allow customers of African mobile operators to move to the next generation of mobile internet services like 4G, Rich Communication Services (RCS), and the internet of things (IoT).

A crucial part of implementing 4G in Africa involves the deployment of an IP packet eXchange (IPX) network, the backbone that makes 4G roaming possible, and Diameter, the industry-standard signalling protocol for messages from mobile devices.

The joint IPX network decreases network complexity and ensures high-quality, end-to-end mobile services through a secure connection to more than 750 operators in over 150 countries.

In parallel, Syniverse Diameter Signaling Service provides a powerful tool for managing, routing, and mediating signalling traffic across mobile networks that enables 4G data to be passed between operators and devices securely.

Leveraging this reach and capacity, CTG will be able to customize a cost-efficient connectivity solution for each operator while still providing the same high performance and security.

CTG has continued to strengthen its collaboration with leading African mobile operators by dramatically strengthening its network build-out and providing world-class connectivity across the continent and the world.

The partnership with Syniverse is designed to offer a high-speed mobile network as well as continued investment in infrastructure for Africa, an investment that CTG began in 2008 and includes network points of presence (PoPs) and data centres that reduce latency and enhance the end-user experience.

Africa is one of the fastest-growing regions for internet users and high-growing demand for 4G connectivity. The Professional Business Development & Operation Team of CTG is experienced in serving multinational companies in Africa.

Through their partnership, CTG and Syniverse are strategically positioned to capture business opportunities in this fast-growing market.

The Africa market offers a promising opportunity for the rollout of 4G and other advanced mobile services in the next few years, according to GSMA Intelligence. Mobile penetration rates still are below 80 per cent, allowing plenty of room for subscriber growth.

4G presents an even more significant opportunity since only about a quarter of connections in the region currently use 4G.