Tigo, Selcom Partners With Mastercard To Launch Online Digital Payment In Tanzania

Tigo, Selcom Partners With Mastercard To Launch Online Digital Payment In Tanzania

Tigo, Selcom, and Mastercard on Tuesday announced a partnership aimed at transforming Tanzania’s digital payment ecosystem by offering convenient online payments worldwide via Tigo Mastercard virtual service.

The partnership will enable Tigo Pesa customers to transact on global payments platforms and create new digital commerce opportunities for both consumers and merchants through secure and straightforward payment experiences, utilizing Selcom’s card-as-a-service (CaaS) platform and Mastercard’s technology.

With the launch of the virtual card, Tigo can now provide its customers access to products and services previously only available to physical credit cardholders, while also diversifying its mobile money portfolio.

The partnership will introduce a wide range of advanced digital payment solutions in Tanzania, connecting Tigo customers to a global online marketplace across multiple digital payment use cases and providing access to Mastercard’s global network of merchants.

Angelica Pesha, Tigo’s Chief Officer for Mobile Financial Services, expressed excitement about the partnership, saying that it would improve user experience and accessibility to a vast array of MFS services, further cementing Tigo Pesa’s position as a provider of choice for Mobile financial services in Tanzania.

“The virtual card allows Tigo consumers to make payments at any online purchase point where Mastercard is accepted without the need for a bank account or credit card,” She added.

Selcom’s Executive Director, Sameer Hirji, expressed his enthusiasm for the groundbreaking collaboration, while Ngozi Megwa, Senior Vice President, Digital Partnerships EEMEA, Mastercard, stated that the partnership demonstrated Mastercard’s commitment to expanding customer choice and access to digital commerce.

To create the virtual card, Tigo Pesa customers can request it from the Tigo Pesa menu by dialing 15001#, then selecting Financial Services (7), Tigo Pesa Cards (7), and Tigo Pesa Mastercard (1) to proceed.

Alternatively, customers can use the Tigo Pesa Mobile app to select the Financial Services tab, Tigo Pesa Cards tab, then Tigo Pesa Mastercard to proceed.

Tigo Pesa will offer its customers multiple card creation options, including One-Time-Use and Validity Card, which has an option of 90 Days. Once created, the virtual card is ready for use for online payments.