Tools You Should Use When Designing Mobile Apps

Tools You Should Use When Designing Mobile Apps

Besides skills and your creative mind, you need computer tools when designing a noteworthy mobile application. Such tools help mobile app developers and designers do their work with greater accuracy, convenience, and efficiency.

For instance, doing basic programming or making iterations are faster thanks to the mobile app design tools we have today.

For newbie developers, the dilemma of choosing the best software or suite for designing mobile apps can be quite difficult. This is because of the wide range of tool options available right now.


So, to reduce your risk of picking a no-good mobile app design tool, you should only choose among the best. Read this list for that purpose.

Adobe Color

Adobe Color is a go-to tool for discovering or creating the most irresistible color scheme for your mobile app. This application has a library containing basic and trendy color schemes carefully chosen by the Adobe team.


You can search for color schemes by typing a keyword in its AI-supported search system. For example, you can enter “calming” in its search bar, and results will be available to you in no time. Once you pick a color scheme, you have the option to save, edit, or share it with your teammates.

Adobe XD

Another mobile app design tool on our list is Adobe XD. This software puts much importance on User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designs. With Adobe XD, you can also make a prototype and design at the same time.


Many app developers and designers commend the ease-of-use and speed that Adobe XD provides. It has a feature called the Art Board that allows you to create – within one project – multiple screenshots on various platforms (including web and mobile platforms). Prototyping is easier since you can do screening with just a few clicks.


Adobe XD also gives you access to UI kits and a variety of app design tutorials. This tool is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Marvel App

If you don’t have prior knowledge about coding or want to use a free mobile app design tool, you should go for Marvel App. This suite provides fast prototyping, testing, and collaboration for app design teams. It has a smooth user interface and there’s no need to make unnecessary downloads, which significantly boosts the speed of prototyping.


Uploading your prototype is also more convenient because you can do it through Sketch or Photoshop. Marvel App supports .psd files, which means that you don’t have to convert your design to another file format. It also provides custom animations to make your prototyping task more realistic.


Sketch is a tool that helps you create interactive prototypes for both web and mobile app designs. It provides your clients a good look and feel of the app you’re building, which, in turn, allows them to give you valuable feedback on various aspects of the project.


You can discover Hotspots and assign and classify them as scrolling or non-scrolling areas. If you want to populate the prototype, you also have the option to enter realistic and dynamic data.


Sketch offers a free trial for 30 days to users, and it doesn’t require credit card information. When it comes to the installation process, you can guarantee that it’s fast. This tool is only exclusive to the macOS operating system.


Figma is one of the top mobile application design tools for teams and solo developers. It’s most notable features are its Vector networks and Arc Tool. Sharing files with your teammates is very convenient and fast, and you can make updates from time to time.


You can also view your design more realistically because it comes with custom animations. Then, you can gain user insights through the app development tool. Figma is compatible with various operating systems.


A simple and intuitive user interface is the best feature of BuildFire. It comes with a software development kit (SDK) that enables you to build custom functionalities even without prior coding knowledge.


With its flexibility and enhanced customization, this app builder is suitable for extensive prototyping. You can also publish your apps to the App Store or Google Play Store.


Another great thing about BuildFire is that you can do app testing on your smartphone. Make sure to send top-up to your teammates so that they can connect to the internet anytime using their phones.


Now you know the top mobile app design tools today. If you have app development projects, don’t forget to take note of the tools mentioned on this list. BuildFire, Adobe XD, Adobe Color, Marvel App, Figma, and Sketch are the go-to app design software for many developers and designers right now.