5 Things You Must Know as A Software Developer 

5 Things You Must Know as A Software Developer 

According to Putt’s law “Technology is dominated by two types of people, those who understand what they do not manage and those who manage what they do not understand.”

Our software developers of tomorrow should know the meaning behind this famous quote. The fundamental issue with software development is that it is complex but only the developers who can understand and manage the right thing can deal with it.

If you have been one of those developers who wants to know what makes a software developer a good developer, or if computer science students should look for a career as a developer?

These questions can confuse you but today, you are at the right place! If you want a career in software development we have a few things which can help you in improving your skills and stay ahead in the competition. 

This is not a complete list but it does give you a good start to understand what a software developer should know. 

Five things you must know as a software developer

1. Programming languages and scripting 

The two things which every software engineer should know. Programming languages and scripting – it’s a basic thing as a software developer and one can not stress enough about the importance of it. You can’t go very far if you know about one single programming language.

You must gain knowledge about various languages but if you are a beginner, you should at least know JAVA. For a beginner, it’s a perfect choice because it is easy and immensely powerful.

But if you want to open doors for other opportunities, you should learn multiple coding, C++, Python etc.


2. Cloud computing skills

In 2021, Cloud is something that every data scientist and Software developer should learn. Software companies, corporates of all sizes and domains are shifting their work environment into Cloud for cost-saving and better scalability.

This means, soon – you have to work with cloud-native applications. Today, cloud computing is an essential part of the rise of Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Data science and only the cloud can provide them with the power these new technologies need.

Learning cloud will not only make you a better software developer but also gives you a broader opportunity for your next post. 

3. Data structure and Algorithms

To be a successful software developer in software development companies, you must know about data structure and algorithms – There is no escape from it.

This is an important topic for any programming job interview, LinkedIn profile, resume because if you don’t know basic structures then how can you write a real application. Today, you need to put a serious effort into learning data structure and algorithms.

This is not only a particular part for programmers but developers as well if they want a broader career with many options. 

4. Source Control

Source control is a concept which every software developer should know. This term refers to – practice of tracking and managing codes change.

When you have real-time documenting the code development process and allow fast conflict resolution when merging contributions from multiple resources. Source control helps you in improving the development process by allowing different teams to work in parallel.

Now, with the help of this when you can work with a copy of the main repository there will be no need to modify your original codebase.

5. Practice and learn 

Lastly, the most important thing about being a software developer or getting a job of a software developer position in any software company.

The software companies in 2021 can make big changes due to pandemic which is why having a software developer who can never stop learning is what everyone wants.

There is always something new to learn as a software developer. Embrace the innovations and sharpen your skills with new languages and new technologies like augmented reality, IoT, edge computing.

Technology today runs faster than us and to keep up with that you need to understand the concept and practice every time to make your career better as a software developer. 


In 2021, when the pandemic made us work from home it allowed us to introduce new technology. The IT world is changing rapidly and because of this changing world you need to learn how to adapt the latest technology and your latest process and prepare yourself with a certain horizon.

In 2021, software companies will look for software developers who will be eager to make a change. Learn to work with others and understand the work with them.

Understanding programming languages, scripts and keeping up with the new technology will help you in shining as a Software developer. 

In this blog, we have explained the five points which can help you in the beginning – dig deeper to understand the fundamentals and advanced facts about this.