Africa Cup of Nation overview: groups A, B, and C

Africa Cup of Nation overview groups A B and C

A new season of the Africa Cup of Nations will start next January. There is not much time left, so it is interesting to analyze the national teams’ chances of success.

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Even though the Zambian national team couldn’t qualify for the CAF, it is definitely worth watching the tournament, because it is considered one of the most popular events in Africa.

The draw has distributed the teams quite interestingly and it is worth waiting for intrigue in groups A, B and C:

  1. Cameroon is considered the favourite in quartet A. Burkina Faso also has good chances. Ethiopia and Cape Verde cannot even be considered candidates for the exit from the group. Sports betting on Zambian players is especially beneficial at 1xBet, because the Africa Cup of Nations will definitely have an excellent line, lineup and high odds.
  2. The clear leader of Group B is Senegal. If the Premier League clubs let all their best players go to CAF, then Malawi, Zimbabwe and Guinea will have a hard time. In terms of rosters, Senegal is clearly stronger and this cannot be denied. Therefore, you can bet on this national team without fear here:
  3. The situation in group C is already interesting, because even though Morocco is considered a very strong and cohesive team, Ghana and Gabon are ready to argue with this fact. The Comoros haven’t yet shown themselves in any way and is unlikely to be able to stir a sensation.

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Small announcement of groups D, E, and F in KAN-2022

Almost everything is clear with the first groups, and there is a clear line between leaders and outsiders. Next groups should be even more interesting, so you can download 1xBet for betting and analyze the line right now. Who will be able to leave the following groups?

  • D — Egypt and Nigeria look the strongest, but Guinea-Bissau may surprise everyone, but absolutely no one expects anything from Sudan;
  • E — the main favourite is Algeria if it arrives with full roster, and one of its main competitors is Cote d’Ivoire. Equatorial Guinea and Sierra Leone are of the lower class;
  • F — Tunisia and Mali have the highest chances of reaching the playoffs. Mauritania and Gambia are unlikely to compete even for the third place.

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