How to pay for Netflix in Kenya

How to pay for Netflix in Kenya

Netflix provides unlimited content to viewers hooked on Movies and Documentaries on a subscription model requiring users to pay a monthly fee for access.

The Video on Demand platform lets users access and enjoy their content from Android and Apple TV’s, games consoles, Apps on Smartphones/tablets, Computers as well as some third-party digital decoders.

Netflix subscription plans

There are three plans to choose from; Basic, Standard and Premium.
  • Basic costs you  USD 7.99 which is approximately Ksh. 809 Per month, and supports only one streaming device at one given time.
  • Standard will charge you USD 9.99 or Ksh. 1011 Per month, and supports both SD and HD streaming but not UHD.
  • Premium is the highest plan @ USD 11.99 or Ksh. 1214 Per month.

How to sign up for Netflix in Kenya. 

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a subscription plan that you can afford.
  3. Click continue and will take you to step
  4. When adding Payment Option, choose Pay with PayPal (how to top up Paypal using MPesa)
  5. Link your Paypal to your Netflix account
  6. There you go!
  7. Click continue again and enter your email.
  8. Choose your prefered password
  9. Complete the sign-up.

Enjoy the show